Introducing Skyline Raceways New "Stockcar" Class

This new class at Skyline will be a comb​ination of the Pure Stocks, Factory Stocks,
 Hobby Stocks and Street Stocks all thrown together and will now be known as                                                               "STOCKCARS"  

Rules for this class are as follows:
Must have a full six (6) point roll cage with all safety equipment, Five (5) point racing harness and aluminum racing seat. Car must be safely built with a front and rear firewall.
All cars must have front and rear tow hooks installed.
Stock appearing body with a factory steel roof with stock appearing front nose & rear tails attached.
​One nerf bar per side tight to body allowed.
Stock Factory Chassis - No fully tube chassis - Must have a full stock front stub. 
Aftermarket front upper control arms allowed, lower arms must be stock and mount in stock location.
Stock bore and stroke, maximum .030 - No aluminum heads - One two (2) barrel carb no larger than a stock 4412. Carb must pass track tech tools.
Engine can not set any further back than the fuel pump to the "stock crossmember" - No notching.
No aftermarket intake manifolds. Headers will be allowed, exhaust must exit behind driver.
​Automatic transmission with a working converter or standard transmission with a full SFI bellhousing No aluminum flywheels, No Bert, No Falcon, No Brinn transmissions allowed.
Non-ajustable 4 link rearends - Stock Ford 9" with flanged axles allowed.
No floaters or quick change rearends. No 3 link or torque arm suspensions allowed.
Brakes must work, One (1) shock per wheel - No coil overs.
​Fuel cells mandatory, must have foam inserts and roll over valve - 22 gallon maximum.
May use any size tire up to 235/75/15 DOT road tire. No bigger tires allowed. No Racing Tires, No Snow Tires, No Truck Tires, No Beadlocks, - Street legal tread only. Max. 8" Steel wheels with any backspace. 
​Weight 3000lb.s minimum with driver after race.
Rule Adjustment's Will Be Made Throughout The Season "If Needed".

Please be sure to read all the safety and procedural rules as they do apply to you.
For any rule clarification please call the track office at 607-657-8222 M-F 8am to 5pm