2016 - 4 Cyl. FWD STOCKS

Make sure you read all safety and procedural rules,
These rules are posted here as conveyance only, Not responsible for any type Os or other copying mistakes.
Call the track office at 607-745-0275 if you have any questions.

  1. The intent of this class is for entry level racers.
  2. 4 Cylinder front wheel drive cars only, no sports cars
  3. Single cam & Dual overhead cam motors may weld up differential gears.
  4. Dual overhead cam motors allowed with exceptions listed below
      a) See rule #12
  5.  A FULL 6 POINT roll cage with a steel plate welded/bolted to the exterior of your driver’s door and overlapping the front & back door seam is highly recommended. A window net on the driver door is also highly recommended.
       IF STOCK TANK IS BEHIND THE REAR AXLE THAN IT MUST BE REMOVED. A fuel cell or a boat tank (8 gallons maximum) must be mounted in the trunk area, covered and secured properly to replace the tank behind the axle.
All fuel lines must be properly secured. Must have firewall between driver's compartment and the trunk area. All cars with electric fuel pump must have a tether switch connected to the electric fuel pump.
  7. Battery must be securely fastened in, manual disconnect switch required.
  8. Approved aluminum racing seat mandatory. Stock drivers seat must be removed. Cars must have 5-point racing seat belt harness, 2000 snell approved.
  9. All glass and chrome MUST be removed and Front and rear tow hooks MANDATORY.
10. No racing tires. Steel wheels only with the same back spacing. All four tires and wheels must be same size.
16" maximum tire size. No snow tires, No blizzacks or no softened tires, cannot groove tire.
11. WEIGHT: Min. weight of 2050lbs. for any cars under 2050 C.C. or 1 pound per C.C. for cars over 2050 C.C. up to 2450lb.s
12. If your car is an over dominating race car, weight will be added to the rear of your race car, as needed to equalize it to the competition.
13. 4 Cylinder Stocks will run as 4 Cylinder Stocks only.
14. Safety, procedural rules, handicapping and points do apply to you. So make sure you read them. If you have questions on them , please ASK.
15. We will add rules as necessary to keep this class safe, competitive, inexpensive and FUN.
***A raceceiver radio or scanner able to hear race officials on 454.000 is mandatory***
Plan ahead!
Always think Safety - Stock - Fun!