6/25/2016 Results

Popular veteran driver Bill Leonard returned to Skyline Raceway Park's victory lane last Saturday night as he topped the Open Sportsman feature, his fourth feature win of the season. In the WXM Auto Sales Crate Sportsman division, current point leader Andrew Smith also ran his victory total to four as he drove to the $800 feature win. Will Ward took his sixth IMCA Modified feature of 2016 while Ray Lindquist won his third Street Stock feature. Buck Mills Jr. won his eighth consecutive Stock Car feature and keep the bounty placed on him by the Speedway alive for another week. Newcomer Adam Gilbert won the Four Cylinder Stock feature in his first ever Skyline appearance.

The WXM Auto Sales Crate Sportsman feature saw polesetter Randy Gates lead the first lap before outside polesetter Dale Welty worked past and into the race lead. A couple of early caution flags kept the field bunched up which allowed eventual winner Smith to quickly move into a challenging position. Smith worked past Gates and set his sights on Welty on a lap four restart. The two veterans quickly locked up in a tight battle for the lead as they went at it hard lap after lap, often racing side by side for the lead with no contact whatsoever between them. Welty was able to hold off Smith's repeated efforts to take the lead away, but his race came undone on lap 19 as his mount erupted in a cloud of smoke and flamed up briefly. Track personnel were right on top of the situation to extinguish the flames as Welty emerged from the car uninjured but disappointed. This turned the lead over to Smith, who ran off the final six laps to score the victory despite a determined challenge from Randy Gates. Gates crossed the line in second but a technical infraction has him listed in last spot. Gates' misfortune allowed Dylan Zacharias to pick up the runner-up finish in his first Skyline start. Gary Card Jr. finished third ahead of newcomers Greg Doust and Alan Fink. With the victory, Smith is a guaranteed starter for the GRIT Sportsman Series event coming up on July 17th.

In the Open Sportsman division, it was 30 year racing veteran Bill Leonard driving to his fourth victory on the season. Leonard dominated the feature as he led every lap to pick up the victory over Mike Dawson, Jim Money, and Mike Owens.

Will Ward returned to the Skyline Raceway Park victory lane for the second straight week as he drove to his sixth win of the season. Brad Smith grabbed the early race lead and set the pace for the first eight laps before Ward was able to make the winning pass. Though he would lead the rest of the race, Ward was under pressure from Keith Lamphere for most of the race. Keith threw everything he had at Ward before he got crossed up in the fourth turn late in the event as he tried to cut under Ward. This would cost Lamphere a couple of spots in the final rundown as Ward took the victory over Smith with Matt Cole crossing the line in third. Lamphere managed to recover for a fourth place finish with Mike Stoddard crossing the line in fifth.

In the 20 lap Street Stock feature, Ray Lindquist charged to his third victory of the 2016 racing season. Lindquist ad Tom Savercool put on a show fr the Skyline fans as they battled side by side for the lead for many laps before Lindquist was able to complete the pass. A late caution bunched the field for a final race to the checkered flag with Lindquist controlling the restart and racing on to score the win. Savercool settled for a strong second place finish with Bob Mills third. Cody Neilson and Rich Fife rounded out the top five finishing order.

Buck Mills Jr. continued his hot streak, winning his eighth consecutive Factory Stock feature event, defending the bounty placed on his head by speedway management. Mills had to deal with a challenge in the person of Jason Thomas as the two battled for the win with Buck Mills Sr. lurking just behind in third. After some tight racing among the top three, they would finish in that order with the bounty on Mills Jr. not collected and going on another week. Dan Reeves crossed the line in fourth with Bill Flask fifth.

The Four Cylinder Stock feature saw a new face in victory lane as Adan Gilbert drove to victory in his first ever Skyline appearance. Gilbert made the move past Phil Burns late in the event, taking the lead with just two laps remaining then holding off Burns over the final two laps. Burns finished second trialed by Michael Brown, Jake Berk, and Tom Bumpus II. Gilbert's victory gives him a guaranteed starting position for the Four Cylinder Challenge event on July 17th.

Casey Cutting drove Rich Fife's Street Stock to victory in the Street Stock/Stock Car Ladies Race. Cutting outraced Samantha Brown and Amanda Mills to score the win. Alexia Baker and Heather Eyeson were fourth and fifth respectively

Racing continues this Saturday night at the Skyline Raceway Park. All of the track's regular divisions will be in action, along with the Empire Sport Trucks. The evening will be rounded out by a huge fireworks show. Racing begins at 6:30 PM sharp with gates opening at 4PM. For the latest information, log onto www.skylineracewayny.com or contact the speedway office at 607-745-0275.

OPEN SPORTSMAN: BILL LEONARD, Mike Dawson, Jim Money, Mike Owens

602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: ANDREW SMITH, Dylan Zacharias, Gary Card Jr., Greg Doust, Alan Fink, Taylor Lamb, Brandon Kuhn, Amy Holland, Del Howell, John Strickler, Lee Foland, Cody Brown, Chris Rundell, Dale Welty, Scott Smith, Tim Howell, Chuck Miller, Tyler Ward, Garrett Rushlow, Kinser Hill, Jason Thomas, Chris Thurston, Randy Gates
DNS: Mke Prentice

IMCA MODIFIED: WILL WARD, Brad Smith, Matt Cole, Keith Lamphere, Mike Stoddard, Ray McClure, Tyler Stoddard, Jeff Cardinale, Dan Alvord, Gary Lamphere, Bumps Scutt, Brandon Smith, Doug McCane, Bob Maynard DNS: Bill Ward

STREET STOCK: RAY LINDQUIST, Tom Savercool, Bob Mills, Cody Neilson, Rich Fife, Tim Haxton

STOCK CAR: BUCK MILLS JR., Jason Thomas, Buck Mills Sr., Dan Reeves, Bill Flask, Tony Paige, Levi Frink

FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: ADAM GILBERT, Phil Burns, Michael Brown, Jake Berk, Tom Bumphus, Brandon Neilson, Rich Wagner, Carl Chaffee, Lee Wagner DNS: Art Palmer

STREET STOCK LADIES RACE: CASEY CUTTING, Samantha Brown, Amanda Mills, Alexia Baker, Heather Eyson, DNS: Amie Parker

6/18/2016 RACE SUMMARY:

OPEN SPORTSMAN: TYLER HART, Bill Leonard, Jim Money, Michael Owen
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: GARRETT RUSHLOW, Will Shields, Andrew Smith, Ray Smith, Randy, Gates, Lanson Albanese, Colin Brown,Taylor Lamb, Lee Foland, Cody Brown, Dale Welty, Jason Thomas, Chris Miller
IMCA MODIFIED: WILL WARD, Bob Maynard, Brandon Smith, Brad Smith, Jeff Cardinale, Doug McCane, Steve Reynolds, DNS: Bumps Scutt, Rich Keller
STREET STOCK: RICH SHARPSTEEN, Bob Mills, Cody Neilson, Rich Fife, Lucas Mills, Ray Lindquist, Tom Savercool., DNS: Rich Brown
STOCK CAR: BUCK MILLS JR., Jason Thomas, Buck Mills Sr., Grayson Albanese, Tony Paige, Levi Frink, Phil Locke, Bill Flask
FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: BOBBY WAGNER, Tom Bumphus II, Michael Brown, Kyle Rogers, Art Palmer, Rich Wagner, Phil Burns, Jake Burk, Carl Chaffee, Lee Wagner
NY6A MICRO SPRINTS: CHEYENNE LING, John Scarborough, Danny Knoll III, Cory Kratzer, Jonathon Wescott, Jacob Lewczuk, Koty Knoll, Jared Zlokoloski

6/11/2016 -
Race Results
OPEN SPORTSMAN: BILL LEONARD, Cole Price, Mike Dawson, Randy West, Brent Cross(DNS)
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: DALE WELTY, Andrew Smith, Chuck Miller, Lanson Albanese, Randy Gates, Garrett Rushlow, Taylor Lamb, Brent Cross, Brandon Kuhn, Lee Foland, John West, John Traphagen, Chris Rundell
IMCA MODIFIED: KEITH LAMPHERE, Brad Smith, Bill Ward, Bob Maynard, Will Ward, Bumps Scutt, Steve Reynolds, Jeff Cardinale
STREET STOCK: BOB MILLS, Ray Lindquist, Tom Savercool. Kevin Garland, Rich Fife, Cody Neilson
STOCK CAR: BUCK MILLS JR., Grayson Albanese, Jason Thomas, Bill Flask, Dan Reeves, Tony Paige, Levi Frink, Tim Parker, Rich Epps(DNS)
FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: RICH WAGNER, Michael Brown, Phil Burns, Art Palmer, Tom Bumphus II, Lee Wagner, Ryan Baranska, Brandon Neilson

6/4/2016 Results:

OPEN SPORTSMAN: BILL LEONARD,Mark Effner, Jim Money, Michael Owens, Cole Price, Lucas Heintz

602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: CHUCK MILLER, Andrew Smith, Lanson Albanese, Dale Welty, Brandon Kuhn, Garrett Rushlow, Teylor Lamb, Randy Gates, Lee Foland, Josh Underwood, Chris Rundell, Cody Brown, John Traphagen

IMCA MODIFIED: KEITH LAMPHERE, Will Ward, Bumps Scutt, Bob Maynard, Doug McCane, Jeff Cardinale, Austin Smith, Brad Smith, Rich Keller

STREET STOCK: TOM SAVERCOOL, Bob Mills, Buck Mills Sr., Cody Neilson, Rich Fife, Greg Peebles

STOCK CAR: BUCK MILLS JR., Bill Flask, Tim Parker, Cody Baker, Levi Frink, Dick Baker, Jason Thomas, Chad Conly

FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: LEE WAGNER, Phil Burns, Eric Rowley, Tom Bumphus II, Brandon Neilson, Michael Brown, Sarah Gooch, Ryan Baranska, Art Palmer, Cody Rowley, Nate Powers, Chris Bonoffski, Carl Chaffee, Rich Wagner

SRP SPRINT CARS: BILL NICHOLS, Gary Kratzer, Anthony Buckler, Matt Padbury, John Kenyon

Results 5/30/16
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN STAR SERIES: DALE WELTY, Tommy Paige, Casey Pavlick, Dave Marcuccilli, Andrew Smith, Tom Collins Jr., Randy Gates, Nick Nye, Mose, Gulley, Connor Otten, Alyssa Cody, Lee Foland, Mike Ward, Corey Cormier, Scott Smith, Lanson Albanese, Isaiah Forward
IMCA MODIFIED EMPIRE STATE SERIES: EDDIE SITES, Brad Sites, Bumps Scutt, Brad Smith, Bob Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Beau Ballard, Jeff Cardinale, Rodney Morgan, Doug McCane, Gary Roberts, Will Ward DNS: Keith Lamphere
STOCK CAR STAR SERIES: BUCK MILLS JR., Jason Thomas, Jeremy Williams, Tony Paige, Chuck Culbertson, Jason Neyra, Bill Flask, Ryan Brockner DNS: Grayson Albanese
OPEN SPORTMAN: KEVIN JORDAN, Randy Shantel, Cole Price
STREET STOCK: TOM SAVERCOOL, Earl Zimmer, Nck Robinson, Bob Mills, Jason Rhodes, Cody Neilson, Greg Peebles, Justin Hall, Bob Hall Jr DNS: Shawn Boyton
FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: PHIL BURNS, Chris Bonoffski, Sheldon Whitman, Michael Brown, Art Palmer, Carl Chaffee, Brandon Neilson, Tom Bumphus II, Jimmy DiFulvio, Lee Wagner, Nick Kennedy, Nate Powers, Kevin Beach, Rich Wagner, Jim Radley, Cameron Searls DQ: Jeremy Warren, Ryan Baranska

Results 5/28/16:
OPEN SPORTSMAN: RANDY SHANTEL, Jim Rothwell, AJ Lord, Bill Leonard, Mike Dawson, Adam Hilton, DNS: Mike Owens
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: ANDREW SMITH, Tommy Paige, Lanson Albanese, Ray Smith, Garrett Rushlow, Chuck Miller, Mike Taylor, Mike Casterline
IMCA MODIFIED: WILL WARD, Brad Smith, Rich Keller, Brian Steigerwald, Jeff Cardinale, Doug McCane, Jeff Austin, Bill Ward,
STREET STOCK: TOM SAVERCOOL, Bob Mills, Buck Mills, Jack Holcomb, Cody Neilson, Dick Baker, Rich Fife DNS: Greg Peebles
STOCK CAR: BUCK MILLS JR., Bill Flask, Dan Reeves, Tony Paige, Levi Frink, Cody Baker DNS: Tim Parker DQ: Jason Thomas
FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: LEE WAGNER, Phil Burns, Ryan Baranska, Rich Wagner, Art Palmer, Tm Bumphus II, Michael Brown, Carl Chafee, DNS: Bandon Neilson
EMPIRE SPORT TRUCKS: BOB LOUCKS, Ralph Cuozzo, Jerry Fair, James Fowlston, Troy Palmer, Brandon Clapperton

Results 5/21/2016
KEVIN JORDAN, Chris Jordan, Jim Rothwell, Larry Mekic Jr., AJ Lord, Jason Tuttle, Don Allen, Cole Price, Mike Dawson, Mike Owens, Tommy Ferguson, Bill Leonard
NICK NYE, Lanson Albanese, Pat Jordan, Dale Welty, Taylor Lamb, Brandon Kuhn, Chuck Miller, Moose Gulley, Isaiah Forward, Tyler Ward, Eric Williams, Del Howell, Lee Foland, Bob Stahl, Justin Cobb, Jason Thomas, Garrett Rushlow, Josh Underwood
WILL WARD, Rodney Morgan, Brad Smith, Brian Steigerwald, Doug McCane, Rich Keller, Bill Ward, Jeff Cardinale, Kyle Leach, Bumps Scutt
BOB MILLS, Ray Lindquist, Jarred Dennis, Jack Holcomb, Dick Baker, Cody Neilson, Justin Hall, Rick Sinsabaugh, Earl Zimmer, Shawn Boynton, Tom Savercool, Dan Force, Brett Barrett, Jon Carpenter, Greg Peebles, TJ Frost
BUCK MILLS JR., Ryan Brockner, Jason Thomas, Dan Reeves, Bill Flask, Tim Parker, Rick Epps, Levi Frink, Cody Baker
PHIL BURNS, Nick Kennedy, Matt McKernon, Dave Jenkins, Bert Maynard, Tom Bumphus II, Michael Brown, Brandon Neilson, Art Palmer, Carl Chaffee, Lee Wagner, Eric Rowley, Clint Kadaronack, Ryan Baranska, Rich Wagner, Russ Wood DNS: Sarah Gooch, Ronnie Welsh
IMCA MODIFIED (from 5/14/16) :
WILL WARD, Bumps Scutt, Radney Morgan, Brad Smith, Jeff Cardinale, JJ Courcy, Keith Lamphere, Doug McCane
STREET STOCK (from 5/14/16) :
JON CARPENTER, Bob Mills, Earl Zimmer, Dick Baker, Jarred Dennis, Brett Barrett, Shawn Boynton, Tom Savercool, Ray Lindquist, Dan Force, Cody Neilson, Jack Holcomb, Justin Hall, Rick Epps, DNS: Doug Stack Jr
STOCK CAR (from 5/14/16):
BUCK MILLS JR., Bill Flask, Ryan Brockner, Dan Reeves, Tim Parker, Levi Frink, Cody Baker, Jason Thomas
FOUR CYLINDER STOCK (from 5/14/16):
PHIL BURNS, Bert Maynard, Nick Kennedy, Tom Bumphus II, Michael Brown, Sarah Gooch, Art Palmer, Carl Chaffee, Lee Wagner, Cody Rowley, Rich agner, Russ Wood, Brandon Neilson, Ronnie Welsh, Matt McKernon, Ryan Baranska DNS: Josh Wilder, Jeremy Warren.

Results: Rain Shortend
OPEN SPORTSMAN: KEVIN JORDAN, AJ Lord, Bill Leonard, Jason Tuttle, Brent Cross, John Morse, Dayton Coene, Larry Mekic, Mike Owens, Cole Price
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: BRANDON BUTLER, Nick Nye, Andrew Smith, Lanson Albanese, Scott Smith, Kevin Jordan, Isaiah Forward, Gary Roberts, Chuck Miller, Tyler Ward, Garrett Rushlow, Brandon Kuhn, Jason Thomas, Anthony Rindell DNS: Michelle Courcy

5/7/2016 Results:
OPEN SPORTSMAN: AJ LORD, Randy Shantel, Bill Leonard, Brent Cross, Jim Money, Michael Owens
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: ANDREW SMITH, Lance Albanese, Scott Smith, Ray Miller, Brandon Kuhn, Chuck Miller, Ben Wheeler, Michelle Courcy, DNS: Jason Thomas
IMCA MODIFIEDS: BRAD SMITH, Rich Keller, Doug McCane, Jeff Cardinale, Jason Butler, JJ Courcy, Mike Smith, Will Ward, Steve Reynolds, Bill Ward DNS: Curt Styles
STREET STOCKS: RAY LINDQUIST, Tom Savercool, Tyler Yeagle,Steve Polhamus, Matt Boman, Dan Babcock, Dick Baker, Bob Mills, Jack Holcomb Jr.
STOCK CARS: JASON THOMAS, Tim Parker, Cody Baker, Tony Paige, Buck Mills Jr. DNS: Bill Flask, Randy Kelly,Don Reeves
FOUR CYLINDER STOCKS: LEE WAGNER, Phil Burns, Rich Wagner, Cody Neilson, Ryan Baranska, Sarah Gooch, Art Palmer, Carl Chaffee, Cody Rowley, Tom Bumphus II, Levi Frink, Michael Brown

4/30/2016 Results
OPEN SPORTSMAN: (5 Cars) BILL LEONARD, AJ Lord, Buck Mills Sr., Brent Cross, Michael Owens
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: (14 cars) ANDREW SMITH, Ray Smith, Matt Roberts, Lance Albanese, Gary Card Jr., Darryl Bennett, Anthony Stockman, Brandon Kuhn, Chuck Miller, Scott Smith, Michelle Courcy, Jason Thomas, John Traphagen
STAR SERIES IMCA MODIFIEDS: (19 Cars) WILL WARD, Keith Lamphere, Mike Stoddard, Matt Cole, Tyler Stoddard, Brad Smith, Bill Ward, JJ Courcy, Rodney Morgan, Drue Perrault, Doug McCane, Don Alvord, Jeff Cardinale, Curt Styles, Brian Steigerwald, Gary Roberts, Ray McClure, Bumps Scutt, Jason Butler
STREET STOCKS: (8 Cars) JEREMY POTRZEBOWSKI, Tim Gullo, Tom Savercool, Bob Mills, Dennis Cummings, Tyler Yeagle DNS: Dick Baker, Cody Baker
STOCK CARS: (8 Cars) BUCK MILLS JR., Jason Thomas, Bill Flask, Ryan Brockner, Dan Reeves, Tony Paige, Bob Baker, Randy Kelly
FOUR CYLINDER STOCKS:(16 Cars) LEE WAGNER, Ken Underwood, Rich Wagner, Jerry Herbert, Cody Rowley, Cody Neilson, Tom Bumphus II, Ryan Baranska, Nate Powers, Michael Brown, Sarah Gooch, Art Palmer, Carl Chaffee, Chris Bonoffski, Bobby Wagner, Phil Burns

4/23/16 Results:
OPEN SPORTSMAN: (7cars) KEVIN JORDAN, Nick Nye, Lisa Williams, Bill Leonard, Mike Dawson, Mike Owens, AJ Lord
602 CRATE SPORTSMAN: (15 cars) ANDREW SMITH, Tommy Paige, Gary Card Jr., Pat Jordan, Isaiah Forward, Nick Nye, Chuck Miller, Tyler Ward, Randy Gates, Brandon Kuhn, Michelle Courcy, Lanson Albanese, Scott Smith, Jason Thomas, John Traphagen
IMCA MODIFIEDS: (14 cars) MIKE SMITH, Will Ward, Bumps Scutt, Drue Perrault, Jeff Cardinale, Brandon Smith, Bill Ward, Don Alvord, Brent Smith, Kyle Leech, Doug McCane, Curt Styles, JJ Courcy, Steve Reynolds
STAR SERIES STREET STOCKS: (15 cars) JON CARPENTER, Rich Sharpsteen, Tyle Yeagle, Jack Holcomb Jr., Eric Boynton, Buck Mills Sr., Dick Baker, Tom Savercool, Bob Mills, Mitch Hurlbert, Jake Fowlston, Shane Wolf Jr., Nick Robinson, Joe Reeves, DNS: Greg Peebles
STOCK CARS: (7 cars) JASON THOMAS, Don Reeves, Bill Flask, Tony Paige, Cody Baker, Buck Mills Jr., DNS: Randy Kelly
FOUR CYLINDER STOCKS: (15 cars) CHRIS BONOFFSKI, Richard Wagner, Phil Burns, Cody Rowley, Cody Nelsen, Ryan Baranska, Tom Bmphus Jr., Art Palmer, Michael Brown, Carl Chaffee, Lee Wagner, Cody Rowley, Gabe orward, Sarah Gooch, Randy Thomas